Garden therapy has evolved into a mutually supportive group that provides a useful weekly meet up for anyone who would like to join.

We do not offer any specific therapies and are not trained to offer any. What we do feel we provide is a safe and supportive environment and some “garden therapy” – we all recognize the positive benefits to our health and well being of spending time in the garden.

The structure of our session starts with a check-in where we have the opportunity to let others now how we are feeling and how the past week has been if we wish to. We then sit for a short period of meditation followed by some mindful walking or yoga stretches. Next up is usually a garden task where there is an opportunity for some learning or simply time to do some light tasks in this peaceful environment, these include, sowing seeds and planting, weeding beds, tree planting, pruning, harvesting and other garden activities. We usually break for tea half way through the session and there is usually further discussion or simply a chat, after tea we continue with tasks and then finish with a final ten minutes for feedback and meditation. We do not always stick to this structure and like to be fluid and open to suggestions – sometimes we may simply go for a walk!

If you are interested in this type of mindful and peaceful session please contact us